Dungeon Slave

Yesterday I had a slave in my dungeon.  He was very nervous when we met and throughout some of his session.  He had always wanted to try BDSM ever since he was a teenager.  Now here he is in his late fifties just trying it for the first time.  He shook, he drooled and he begged for more.  I truly feel he enjoyed submitting to me.  We started out slow because I needed to know how he could handle things.  We had a couple of hours so as the time progressed so did he.  He went from being nervous and scared to excited.  There was light flogging to start.  Then I decided to tie him to my table and do just a little torture to see how he would do.  He moaned, and gasped as I tortured him.  I like to freak them out sometimes.  Instead of putting a blindfold on them, I put the blindfold on me and try to whip or flog the clothespins off their balls or nipples.  Even blindfolded I have to say I have a pretty good aim.  There was times of tenderness and pleasure to calm him then back to what we were doing.  He was so interested in the bondage chair and I knew he really wanted to get in it.  I made him beg and then earn his time in the chair.  He finally made it to the chair.  Yesterday was his first time at this new experience but I am sure, it won’t be his last.

A great bondage session

gretagreta 3052022mistress vesta workingYesterday was a great bondage session.  My slave arrived early, an entire hour early eager to please me.  I was stuck in traffic, but I wasn’t due to arrive for an hour.  I made it on time of course because I like to be punctual, and always in control.  He was a handsome slave, oh I will have fun tying this one up and teasing him.  Even humiliating him.  My first time meeting him.  I met him at a nearby restaurant and it was there that I gave him the address of my dungeon.  I like to do a quick interview first if I have never met someone.  I ask questions, and see how they respond.  I want to see if they are worthy of being in my dungeon.  At the end of the interview I said “give me ten minutes to go back to my dungeon and change clothes.   When you arrive, let me know by texting me so I can let you in.”  He did.  He arrived and I let him in.  He looked so happy.  He put his bag on the floor as instructed.    After he showed me all of his things that he brought with him, I instructed him to strip down.  It was a lengthy bondage session.  I started out by hogtying and gagging him.  While he was tied and helpless I took some pictures of him.  He was bound, gagged, blindfolded.  Later he was forced to dress like a pretty girl.  A very pretty girl.  I made him take off his panties and garter and tied his cock tight with satin cord as was his balls.  A butt plug up his ass.  He looked so helpless.  The session went on for hours.  He was a good slave.  He will be back.

Meet Mistress Vesta

I am wicked, classy, specializing in the arts of domination, bondage, feminization, humiliation, foot worship, role play and sensual domination. Erotic fantasies; you can dream about them or make them reality. Step into the dungeon and see where it takes you. You know you want to.


Are you worthy of me? Imagine yourself walking up the stairs of a narrow hallway. You can hear yourself breathing and feel your heartbeat pounding. You crawl through the door into the dungeon. You see me standing there before you. I am looking down at you.  I am Mistress Vesta.  I have sexy blonde hair, voluptuous bust, I’m dressed in an alluring outfit and high heels. You will worship me.   I will demand your respect and you will give it. I will teach you lessons that you have only fantasized about.

I am a professional Domme and I am looking for professional sessions, therefore all relationships are professional relationships only.  The sessions I offer are safe, sane and consensual.  I do expect you to arrive on time, be clean, and obedient.  As the saying goes:  first impressions are lasting impressions. The first time we meet it will be right before your session at a nearby location.  I will ask you some questions and see if you are worthy enough to come to the dungeon.  If you are, I will give you the address of the dungeon and meet you there shortly thereafter.  We will discuss your limits, hard and soft either by email ahead of time or at your first session.  If we discuss it by email, we will still go over them briefly at the beginning of your session.  I want you to feel safe.

 Some people go through life with erotic fantasies that they only dream about, and others choose to make them come true.  Don’t you want to live your fantasies and make them a reality?  I am experienced in my profession. Whether it is your very first time or if you have had a lot of experience, if you are a male or a female, it doesn’t matter.   I am very versatile. 

Some of the things I offer are:

If you are a foot worshiper, I love to have my feet worshiped, kissed and rubbed.

  • Impact play
  • Humiliation
  • Over the knee punishment
  • Role play
  • Sensual domination
  • Bondage
  • CBT
  • Tease and denial

 If there is something that you are curious about and it is not on my list, ask me about it.  Contact Mistress.  I don’t have to beat you into submission, unless you want me to.  🙂

*Can be a KEY HOLDER for you if you prove you are worthy

No this is not about sex. There isn’t any sex involved, so don’t even think of asking! It is BDSM and Mistress Vesta will be delighted to humiliate, torture you, and leave you begging for more.   You will shake, beg and drool.  If you are afraid of pain or don’t like it, and need a softer touch, I can also do sensual domination.  Either way, you will submit to me.  BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism.  The D in BDSM can also stand for dominant and the S can also stand for slave or submissive.  There could also be any aspect of it, such as S&M, D/s, B/D, or could include all of the above.

There is a cage, spanking bench, Saint Andrew’s cross, Bondage chair or as I like to call it, the chair of no escape, stockade, floggers, whips, paddles, chains and so much more in this dungeon. If you would like to, you can bring your own favorite toys, or other items.  Regarding “other items”, please ask my permission first.

 You are in the dungeon for my pleasure and my pleasure only. Do you think you are ready?   Located in Sarasota, Florida.   Rates $200. an hour.   

If you would like to contact me for an appointment, please email me at mistressvesta941@gmail.com or call or text (941)718-5369.   If no answer, leave message. Serious inquiries only.   There will be a small deposit required from you to hold your appointment.  This ensures that if you get cold feet you will still show up.  When you show up for your session, it will be applied toward the session.  No shows will be blacklisted and lose their deposit.  Just a reminder of what was stated earlier, there will also be a small meet and greet 15 minutes before your session is to begin.  This is for a couple of reasons.  Mistress wants to see who you are and feel safe and Mistress wants you to meet me so that you feel safe.  If you need to cancel, it must be 24 hours in advance as Mistress plans her time accordingly.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The pictures below are recent and they are me.